Sunday, December 18, 2011

Joanne (no longer) in Spain

I'm writing this from a couch in Boston, in front of a television on which the Patriots game is playing, while my aunt is in the kitchen, roasting pork chops and steamed vegetables. Hello, America! :)

There's so much to say; I can barely write. You know what I mean?

Well, before I left Barcelona, I took a four-day trip to Rome, by myself. I thought it'd be lonely, walking around one of the world's most romantic cities, completely alone. But as it turns out, I'm better company than I thought... and I wasn't quite alone.

The best part of Rome wasn't the Vatican, or the Colosseum, or even the Sistine Chapel — although all of these amazing sights left me speechless. The best part was seeing these world wonders and realizing that in the face of all this physical, tangible beauty, nothing elicited the same feeling of warmth and awe that I've felt around the people I love. These buildings — the greatest testaments of man's ability to build and create — were nothing compared to the way Love has made me and the people around me completely new.

My time in Boston has been relaxing, rewarding, and lovely so far. My aunt has already helped me see the best is yet to come, and that I have nothing to be afraid of, coming back home.

I guess I should explain. I was a little bit afraid of coming home. It's always weird when people tell you you've changed, even if they mean it in a good way. And it's also really cool, when the people who know you best can help you see things that you can't on your own. So I was scared, I guess. Of hearing those things and not knowing what to expect. But my aunt has been more encouraging, uplifting, and reassuring than I could ever ask for... she's really cool. so here I am, US! Home. Well, in the country at least.

So here's to being home. Here's to the end of this blog, I guess. Here's to the end of one of the most difficult and rewarding adventures of my life.

And here's to the beginning of all the adventures to come.


  1. I'd like to think I've been a part of this with you. PS -- there are many more than 2 who read this. Thanks for writing, girl. :) :) :)